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United Kingdom
I'm a freelance Modelmaker and Costumer working in the industry, in London for over a year and a half now.
I usually fill my spare hours up with making things either for myself or for commissions- I dabble a little with painting and illustrations too.
I used to play video games but now I've got a stronger passion for Larp. The confidence my newest hobby has given me back is phenomenal, as well as consolidating all the things I love into one easy to manage nerdy package!


Empire E4 was last weekend, the last event of this year and the post larp blues are just about rearing their ugly head.
The event was incredible. My character has come so far in the three events I've played her. Shes gone from being a brilliantly excitable and naive little orc to being a truly creepy and unnerving autumn Ritualist. The change has been so massive that with hindsight I probably should just have pushed Rauur V.1 in a hedge and just completely rerolled... but oh well!

I think my most notable experience from the Autumn solstice 380 YE was probably Ashborn Larch's passing. Not something I was especially prepared for either in nor out of character. I don't know what it was but the whole thing just seemed far too real and seeing his body laid out in the pit was devastating. Also turns out properly crying it out in an Orc mask is actually the second worst thing in the world.

My favourite experiences however were probably being asked to open the sentinel gate (a portal Imperial citizens can use to get to different areas of the empire) before battle on the sunday and being able to speak at the Orc Pilgrimage (a ceremony run by the most welcoming shamen in the game; Where Orcs can step forward and talk about their worth to their ancestors in the hopes that they will remember and help them into the orcish afterlife). Despite grieving IC and the nerves that cause you to over plan, forget literally everything and blag your way through public speaking I tried my best and I'm getting better. With any luck and a lot more confidence one day I'll be almost as inspiring and awesome as the general of the winter sun Himself.

We also got our coven stone! (an in game item that extends the amount of rituals a coven can perform per day) in memory of our glorious bonesetter, the Spider's web will now be dubbed Larch's web instead. next on the list: A Melancholic Staff in the form of a silver birch tree branch!  

I definitely feel some strong but sad inspiration coming up. 
RIP Ashborn Larch.
So I haven't been very active recently because I've been preparing for the biggest fantasy larp in england. Empire. Goodness me was it good.

The Ashborn got to do three different rituals (so proud of us!) and got to help out with the Skywise's skein of years (so epic!!!)
Blind Rauur got the reaction she deserved: "Holy Sh- What happened to your eyes?!?!"- Quote of the day, Irontide Vio.
There was a coronation for the first Empress elected in game!!! (It's only taken 3 years!).
And I got to interact with so many different people I would never have otherwise interacted with because I couldnt get about on my own.
Its a shame that Ashborn Rauur didnt get any fighting in, unless you count the general Rauur punched in the chops with Irontide Wesk's Guidance... and Wesk too... But there was so much happening this event that it didn't feel like I really missed out at all :) 

There was so many glorious things that I couldn't chose which bits were best from the weekend. From watching the Orcs preparing for battle to overflowing with patriotism at the coronation of the Empress of flowers, to chilling out with the Grud the Unshackled in a sweet tea shop!
Now to ride the wave of inspiration until september and the final empire of the year.

Seriously the best event I've ever had <3 
Orc Hood 5 WIP
So after dying the hood, this is how it looks! I'm really pleased with the colour and texture but unfortunately the leather has become much much stiffer than I was expecting and it doesn't really feel as nice a it did *sad face*. So any tips for making dyed leather more supple would be greatly appreciated! Sweating a little...
Orc Hood 4 WIP
So after dying the hood, this is how it looks! I'm really pleased with the colour and texture but unfortunately the leather has become much much stiffer than I was expecting and it doesn't really feel as nice a it did *sad face*. So any tips for making dyed leather more supple would be greatly appreciated! ^^; 


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